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I am blessed to have so many wonderful, creative people in my life, and I am excited to share their work and wisdom here. These are individuals who not only amaze me with their art, but also lift my soul up with their friendship!

Tuesday night, I had the chance to get together for some delicious vegan at Peace Food with Christy Whitney, a talented photographer, inspiring human being, and good friend. Since I first met her, she has been working on Unwanted, a personal project involving rescued horses.

Through her lens, with her sensitive eye and artist's heart, Christy tells the story of these gentle creatures, who, very often, come from places where they have been mistreated, neglected and/or abused. The horses below are rescued wild mustangs.

When I first met Christy, she had mentioned wanting to gain more exposure for this project, it was a goal she was working towards. In the time I have known her, she has done just that, showing her work in several New York venues, as well as in Lambertville, NJ. Through her pictures, people have gained awareness of her cause and her work. Personally, I love the way that the beams of sun in her photos give a visual sense of peace, spirit, power, benevolence and healing. The photo below is one of my favorites - this horse is pregnant, after all she has been through, she still has the power to create a new life.


You can learn more about Unwanted and these amazing animals and their caretakers who through so much, show such incredible strength and resilience at Christy's site. One last point, which I find particularly amazing, is that after these horses are healed, some of them go on to help others heal - they begin a second life as therapy animals for people suffering from illness. It's awe-inspiring that even when you go through a dark time, when you yourself need healing, you retain the ability to heal others. I want to thank Christy for reminding me of that with her work.

A range of images from Unwanted is available as limited-edition C-Prints and large format prints.

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