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$ 30.00

BASPA Facial Steam

with Holy Basil, Cinnamon & Calendula

clarifying  |  stress relieving  |  all skin types
8 fl oz. jar  $30  
BASPA is sanskrit for steaming pot of herbs.
BASPA's blend of herbs is used as a steam bath for the face and neck, hydrating, detoxifying and nourishing the skin.  BASPA tones, cleanses and brightens the skin leaving you refreshed and youthful. Steaming increases circulation to the face, opens pores, releases toxins and softens debris so that your face mask or cleanser can easily lift them out.  This weekly ritual also alleviates anxiety and stress, connects the mind, body and spirit, allows a space for healing and a pathway to your higher self.
BASPA is also highly recommended for use during colds, cough, congestion and  sinusitis because of it's ability to help open congested pathways, strengthen the immune system and reduce pain.  See below for detailed info in Key Ingredients.
To Use:  Boil 4 - 6 cups of water, place 1- 2 tbsp of herbs into a medium or large mixing bowl, then add the water into the bowl of herbs. With a towel, form a tent over your head and bowl, then deeply inhale and exhale slowly for approximately 10 minutes as you soften debris within the pores and allow them to be cleansed. *Note that the steam should be warm enough to form a condensation on the skin but not hot enough to burn you. Follow with a luke warm splash of water, then immediately apply NENEKTI and/or SOMA Masks.


Key Ingredients 
Holy Basil aka Tulsi is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, age-defying super herb.  Inhaling the scent of holy basil steam, is a wonderful calmative when you're going through some serious stress. Studies show that it is active against gram positive bacteria Propionibacterium, the bacteria associated with acne development.  In fact, in one study, it was shown to be 50% more effective in reducing acne than 10% benzoyl peroxide.  It is also gentler on the skin.  Holy Basil is used to treat anxiety, adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism.  AND! --the journal of Nutrition and Cancer published a review on it's anti-cancer benefits.  If you aren't regularly drinking a cup of this tea daily, I highly recommend you start!  
Tulsi is a great antitussive (helps in reducing the amount of cough), expectorant (helps to expel phlegm from your chest). It also helps regulate and strengthen your immune system, making you better prepared to fight off infections. Packed with a potent components like camphene, eugenol and cineole, tulsi can open up congested airways, helps reduce inflammation and fights against allergic reactions. Apart from all that, it also has a slight cooling action which is a natural way to relieve the pain associated with sinusitis.
Yarrow is an antimicrobial and astringent herb.  It works to eliminate acne blemishes, viral infections or even allergies and is soothing to inflamed skin.  A yarrow steam bath is medicine for your skin.  
Rosemary  rich in antioxidants, this anti aging, regenerative herb helps to refresh oily skin without stripping the skin of it's beneficial oils.  It rejuvenates and brightens dull skin, encourages skin cell turnover and restores elasticity.

Ingredients (*organic):  *Comfrey, *holy basil, *calendula, *rosemary, *yarrow, *rose petals, *hibiscus, *cinnamon bark, and *oil of holy basil.