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Winter Medicine Box for the Spirit & Body - pAra , Body - skincare, paranewyork - pAra, pAra - pAra New York
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Winter Medicine Box for the Spirit & Body

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A box of medicines that connect us into the portal of Winter magic, tap us 



Yoga Nidra Practice with Laurie G
Luminous Moon Oil
Naya Nostrum with reishi + hoya
Winter Roots Tea with echinacea + sweet & spicy roots
Palo Santo stick
Beeswax candle



The Practice


Yoga Nidra is the Yoga of Sleep - in part because it induces a particular rhythm in the brain that brings on the hypnagogic state which is deeply relaxing, restorative and healing (so much so that 20 minutes spent in Yoga Nidra is said to offer the equivalent of 4-6 hours of sleep). It is also known as such because most of us sleepwalk through our days - engaging in our lives with a fraction of the consciousness available to us. This practice is intended to reawaken consciousness in every cell of the being. It helps dissolve the accumulated residual stress and tension that have taken up residence in the physical as well as more subtle bodies and it is a potent and transformational practice. 

About Laurie

Lover (& Student) of Life * Mama * Convener of Sacred Spaces for Transformation & Healing * Meditation & Yoga Guide * Founder & Creator of Root & Bloom * Fueled by her love of the practice and a passion to serve others in experiencing the gifts of it, laurieG has dedicated herself to guiding explorations in yoga and meditation for nearly 20 years. Her intention infused, organically flowing work encourages a deep dive into compassionate presence and cultivates a sense of spaciousness in body, mind and heart. She is known for her resonant voice and ability to distill the wisdom of the teachings in a way that is both accessible and profound.  Laurie weaves insights gleaned from her own studies, stumblings & epiphanies into her work on and off the mat.

Side note from me - Laurie is the ultimate guide on the journey home to yourself. She has an uncanny ability to channel what is needed at the present time to the collective, and she has upleveled my spiritual life in more ways than I have space here to explain. There is nothing that makes me happier than connecting you with her deep wisdom and healing vibration!


The Plant Medicine 


Luminous Moon Oil

The Luminous Moon Essence Oil is created during the New Moon then steeped in Reiki life force energy with the intention to soften, release, and transform us for the highest good. The essential oil blend is calming and grounding and helps open the 3rd eye portal to the higher self.  Gem essence of smokey quartz may be used as a tool to move deeper into the meditative or journey state during full moon ceremonies, sadhana, or private meditation practices.  Also makes for a beautiful and unique perfume.  

(10 ml roller)

Naya Nostrum

In taking Reishi daily for a long time, there comes a sage-like energy of dropped in awareness and connection to the depths of mama earth.  And, flower essence of Hoya is a guide to our inner sage. She stills the mind and opens the 3rd eye chakra aligning us with the divine. This connection to higher knowledge opens us to receptivity, unleashing the fulfillment of our true purpose. 
On a physical level, Reishi is super powered, boosting immunity against infectious viruses and bacteria, detoxifying the liver, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, inflammation, cancer, allergies, asthma and autoimmune conditions. 

(30 ml dropper bottle)

Adults - take 1 dropper full daily.

Ingredients / certified organic, wildcrafted: *Tito’s Vodka, distilled water, Reishi extract, Bee Local Willamette Valley raw honey, flower essence of Hoya. *We choose to support Titos especially for their incredible work in dog rescue and recovery.


Winter Roots Tea

Make up a pot of this tea when you feel a bug taking hold.  This sweet and spicy blend is especially soothing for sore throats.  *Note that roots must be boiled in filtered water for 20-30 minutes in order to release their nutrients. 

Sip your brew throughout the day (3 cups or so).  Herbs work best when taken frequently.

Ingredients / certified organicLicorice root, marshmallow root, echinacea purpurea root, cinnamon bark, ginger root.

(8 fl oz jar - not measured by weight)


Beeswax Candle

Use this 100% nontoxic air purifying candle to light your Palo Santo and to indulge in it’s warm glow and light honey fragrance. 

(2" x 4.75" pillar burn for 40 hours)


Palo Santo

This mystical tree grows on the coast of South America and provides us with holy wood.  When burned, it offers us an energetic cleansing and healing preparing us for meditation and a deeper connection to the Source of all creation.

(1 stick)



How to use your Medicine Box


 In preparation to take in Laurie’s Yoga Nidra Practice (do some or all of the following):

Take 1 dropper full of Naya Nostrum in 4 ounces of tea, water, juice.

Light up the palo santo stick over the candle’s flame.  Wand the smoke over your body and auric space.

Apply Luminous Moon Oil to temples, wrists, neck and/or chest.

For Yoga Nidra, ideally we want to be reclined with access to a device in which to hear Laurie’s recording. Place a rolled blanket or towel under the knees, then recline comfortably with a pillow under the head, so that the shoulders can rest comfortably on a bed or the ground. Layer on blankets and what you need to set yourself at ease.  Hit the play button, and move into the restorative depths of yourself.


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