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$ 24.00

MUCANA Tension Relief Oil

with kava kava, arnica, vanilla, + nutmeg

tension relief  |  hydration  |  for the body

1 fl oz.   $24      2 fl oz.   $42    

Double infused with kava kava, arnica, and ashwagandha, the MUCANA relaxes muscles, relieves stress, and induces a peaceful spirit. When used before bed it promotes restful sleep.  It is a great companion to Fall / Vata Season self massage or abhyanga.  For abhyanga, warm the oil gently in a bowl of hot water, then massage over the entire body with love and patience prior to bathing. A longer self massage is optimal during Fall, roughly 15 minutes.  Take care not to become chilled while offering yourself this healing ritual.  Use a small heater in your bathroom if necessary.

Scent: woody-vanilla with frankincense and a hint of nutmeg.

To Use: Warm oil in your hands and massage deeply into tense or painful areas of the body. Store in a dark and cool location. Use within 12 mths.

Ingredients (*organic): *Sesame seed oil & *macadamia nut oil infusion of *kava kava, *ashwagandha, *calendula, *arnica, *lemon balm, *lavender, *cinnamon, *sea buckthorn oil, and essential oils of (sustainably sourced) sandalwood, and *vanilla absolute (Co2 extracted), supercritical *frankincense co2, *nutmeg, and texas cedarwood.