Tension Relief Set
$ 40.00

Tension Relief Set

Lavender Mint Rejuvenating Mist & MUCANA Tension Relief Oil

These potions were made to help with stressful conditions, such as long and arduous travel days, family drama, holiday madness and stressful workdays to name a few.  It is sized for your carry on - TSA approved!

*Please note that our packaging is in transition.  We have moved over to dark bottles to protect and extend the shelf life of our ingredients.

Lavender Mint Rejuvenating Mist

with mint and calendula

revive  |  soothe  |  purify  |  meditate  |  face and body

2 oz.   if bought alone, $22

Rejuvenate mind body and spirit post workout, sun or ski, and for tiresome work and travel days. This synergistic blend of oils improves mind body balance, calms anxiety, and allows one to release fear, while purifying and balancing the skin.  True lavender essential oil aids in the meditative state and ushers one into deep trance. 

To Use: Mist over the skin and inhaling deeply, take a moment for yourself.
Use as: 
*Post workout refresher.  Our blend of oils purifies the skin and cools and reinvigorates the body.
*Sun burn soother.  Silver Hydrosol, Peppermint and Eucalyptus cool the skin while Lavender and Calendula repair and reduce inflammation.
*Meditation mist to aid in deep trance.
*Rejuvenating and anti-viral travel mist.
*Calming pillow mist for restful sleep.

MUCANA Tension Relief Oil

with kava kava, arnica, vanilla, + nutmeg

tension relief  |  hydration  |  for the body

1 fl oz.     if bought alone, $24

Infused with kava kava, arnica, and ashwagandha, the MUCANA relaxes muscles, relieves stress, and induces a peaceful spirit. When used before bed it promotes restful sleep.  It is a great companion to Fall / Vata Season self massage or abhyanga.  For abhyanga, warm the oil gently in a bowl of hot water, then massage over the entire body with love and patience prior to bathing. A longer self massage is optimal during Fall, roughly 15 minutes.  Take care not to become chilled while offering yourself this healing ritual.  Use a small heater in your bathroom if necessary.

Scent: woody-vanilla with frankincense and a hint of nutmeg.

To Use: Warm oil in your hands and massage deeply into tense or painful areas of the body. Store in a dark and cool location. Use within 9-12 mths.