Yarrow Hydrosol
Yarrow Hydrosol
$ 24.00

Yarrow Hydrosol

 ( Achillea millefolium)

antiseptic toner | energetic shield 

stops bleeding | soothes itching

Gentle enough for all skin types. Extra helpful for congested skins
Scent: floral, fruity, tart


50 ml / 1.7 oz. $24

Physically: tonic, infection fighting, assists skin in promoting new cell growth, reduces itching (often helpful on poison ivy rashing), and can be used to stop a bleeding wound.
Mind / Heart / Soul:  Energy Shield.  Like the shield she makes over a wound. I love to carry some yarrow in my pocket if I'm moving into a challenging social situation and need energetic protection. 
And I love this notion about Yarrow, from Candace Hunter, "Yarrow has long been a symbol of love, especially lasting love. It often takes two or more years for yarrow propagated from seed to become established, but once she’s done so, she’s a strong and lasting perennial who can endure conditions and neglect that would wither many other plants. Yarrow teaches us to nurture our loves carefully at first, and then to trust that they’ll sustain us through whatever conditions we encounter. Yarrow love is lasting love; yarrow magic is the magic of careful creation and lasting endurance."

To Use: mist her over my face and neck after cleansing and just before massaging in oil and serum. May be used to blend with dry masks to help clear congested skins.  If using for poison ivy or bug bites, mix hydrosol lwith clay to help dry out any oozing, but yarrow hydrosol on her  own with help alleviate the itch.  Spray directly on wounds to stop bleeding and clear infection.


Full Ingredients: 
Wild yarrow flowers harvested by hand (by John B. Martin), purified water, and frequency of love.
Note on frequency: The land of Yarrow in Selinsgrove, PA is home to a young Mennonite couple that occasionally uses the hillside for their cattle to graze, but is otherwise untouched. The energy that flows there holds a serenity of peaceful, stillness and oneness with the land.