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About Our Potions


pAra is a holistic, small batch, farm to table skin care line with a deep love of mama earth and it’s creatures. We strive for purity, potency, and lovingly grown organic and wild plant ingredients. (Our line is 99% organic) Equally important to us is the energy surrounding what we do. We infuse each potion with healing life force energy. When you open a bottle from us, the energy of love swirls into the air. There is nothing more important to us than that you feel love, because love is the true essence of beauty. Put more simply, in feeling loved, we radiate beauty.


Synthetic fragrance, color and preservatives








Any ingredient tested on animals or animal derived (with the exception of honey and beeswax)


About Our Medicine Making

  • Countless hours of research go into each product taking care to keep the products true to the earth and true to our bodies.
  • We source the highest quality cold pressed, raw, organic and wildcrafted botanicals from the reputable, ethical, earth loving small companies and local herb farmers. 
  • We enlist plant based preservatives when a recipe calls for it. 
  • Our line is non-toxic, cruelty free, and vegan except in recipes where we use beeswax and honey.
  • Each batch is hand made and infused with a blend of Shamanic practice and Reiki life force energy.
  • We carefully package our goods in (100% recyclable forever) glass and metal wherever possible to avoid adding more plastic to our oceans and mama earth. We also use recyclable and compostable shipping materials.
  • We have a soft spot for horses, especially those who have been forgotten, and there are many.  A portion of our proceeds go toward horse rescue and recovery at one of the shelters in the Unwanted Project Exhibition.