A Message from Christy

Founder, Christy Whitney-Matz

Founder, Christy Whitney-Matz

When I started pAra, it was out of a deeply felt calling to work in the healing arts. For years, I was governed by fear of changing my path as photographer and retoucher. I had paid a fortune to get my degree and couldn’t accept that I wouldn't be using it. Well, the forces that be, had all the plans and timing right, because I needed all that I learned in coming to my jumping off point.  I had been incubating in self study of herbal remedies, nutrition, and the practice of Ayurveda for 10 years before jumping off the cliff fully and committing to what is now pAra. This study was brought on by my own experience in the world of conventional medicine, seeing the suffering, experiencing the suffering, and bearing witness to unnecessary deaths. My husband’s mother and brother had both been lost to cancer, she at 36 and he at 31.  It was terrifying and I felt lost in a sea of western medicine doctors that were now after my husband as though he was already dying because of his genetics. As the divine would have it, obstacle was really opportunity, and a massive fire was lit in me to do my own research, and carve out my own way in this life so I could protect myself, my husband and those that I love. This led me down that 10 year path from nutritional studies, to plant medicine and energy work. And it also brought me to the most vibrant version of myself on every level. And so…pAra is and continues to be the culmination of my studies and an outpouring of love in an offering to you. 

While I do not believe in entitling myself anything, for the purpose of clarity as to my experience, I went through attunements and initiations to become a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and am a self studied holistic living walking body of knowledge that practices what it preaches. All that I am, I offer to you as though you were a limb of my body. I truly believe we are all one. My energy in this life endeavor is all for you.


Much love and many blessings on your journeys.


With my deepest gratitude,