Founder, Christy Whitney-Matz

Founder, Christy Whitney-Matz

pAra was born out of a strong desire to shine as much light into the world as possible while doing what I love most, extending a healing hand. The Apothecary offers rejuvenation, healing, and abundant health in it's truest earthly form. The prints adorn walls with meaningful art and help us educate the public about the plight of American horses which in turn helps to find homes for their recovery, and reunites us with them as companion animals. The scarves offer a beautiful wrap for your body or neck, while serving as a purposeful conversation piece that encourages a discussion about horse rescue. Like all animal welfare issues, the more we educate ourselves about them, the quicker we can promote change. A portion of the proceeds from our products go toward horse rescue and recovery at the rescues where I created the UNWANTED Project.

A few things about the apothecary:

  • Countless hours of research go into each product taking care to keep the products true to the earth and true to our bodies.
  • We source the highest quality cold pressed, raw, organic and wildcrafted botanicals from the reputable, ethical, earth loving small companies and local medicine farmers.  (you could practically eat most of our products!)
  • We enlist plant based preservatives when a recipe calls for it. 
  • Our line is non-toxic, cruelty free, and vegan except in recipes where we use beeswax and honey.
  • Each batch is hand made and infused with Reiki life force energy.
  • We carefully package our goods in (100% recyclable forever) glass and metal wherever possible to avoid adding more plastic to our oceans.  We also use recyclable and compostable shipping materials.
  • We have a soft spot for horses, especially those who have been forgotten, and there are many.  A portion of our proceeds go toward horse rescue and recovery at one of the shelters in the Unwanted Project Exhibition.

Our world functions as a whole. The daily decisions we make effect all creatures, the planet and their energies. If our outer world is unwell, we too, are unwell. And so, we are committed to shining our brightest light on you and the mama earth, knowing that it will promote a balanced, happy and healthy place for all beings.