Product Care


Our holistic skin care line is crafted in small batches without chemical preservation. Introducing water to any of our jars should be avoided as it will spoil your product.  Keep out of extreme heat and light. Generally, take care to store all items in a cool dry place.   

  • Oils: Store in a cool, dark and dry area of your home. With proper care, lasts up to 12 months.
  • Balms:  Store in a cool, dark and dry area. With proper care, balms are good for 12 months or longer. If your balm melts and then hardens with grit in it, this is due to natural separation of fats. It is still good as new, but you may not like the texture. To re-establish your soft balm, uncap your jar, heat water in a shallow pan to almost a boil, then turn off and set your jar into the water without allowing any water to enter the jar.  When balm is clear liquid, remove right away and put it into your freezer until hard (about 30 min).  Allow to come down to room temp before capping.
  • Mists: Store in a cool, dark and dry place and use within 6-8 mths, excessive heat and exposure to light will decrease the longevity of the product.
  • Exfoliators and Masks: Store in a cool and dark place. Our exfoliators are formulated to be used with water added.  Be careful to use dry hands or a wooden spoon when scooping from the jar. Dry powder products will last 2 years or longer.  Exfoliators with oil or butter will last up to 12 mths provided that they are cared for properly.



Garments made from silk can last a lifetime and can easily become heirlooms if properly cared for. You will notice that your scarf will become silkier and softer over a few uses.  Our 100% crinkle silk chiffon is the most delicate type of chiffon and should be handled gently.  We recommend that it is professionally spot cleaned.   If you really must wash your scarf, they will not bleed if gently hand washed with a delicate soap like woolite, then hung to dry.  (I would not recommend this unless truly necessary.)   For pressing, we suggest using a steamer or a low heat iron.



Our limited edition C-prints should be handled with white cotton gloves only.  If you touch the print with your fingers, you are very likely to fingerprint it which cannot be removed.  If you decided to unroll the print yourself, be extremely careful as you may wrinkle it in the process.  This is why we strongly suggest that upon receipt of your print, you take it directly to a professional art framer and have them handle it through the mounting process.  These prints should be professionally mounted and framed with museum grade materials such as Cintra backing and UV coated glass or plexi.   It is highly recommended that you use a framer who specializes in mounting and framing C-prints.