Welcome to an abode of lovingly crafted beauty medicine potions, energetically infused using Shamanic Reiki practices, amplifying our re-connection to the natural world and our own natural rhythms. Each moment of care we offer ourselves is a door opening to the home that we are. Within is you, the pure essence of what beauty truly is, for you are and always have been beauty. 


Beauty Medicine & Shamanic Reiki

In the creation of our medicines, we use smoke, stones, gems, weather patterns, intention, our hands and other elements to infuse and guide divine source energy into our plants and to you channel more powerful energy from the divine... Read more here..

About our potions

pAra is a holistic, small batch, farm to table skin care line with a deep love of mama earth and it’s creatures. We strive for purity, potency, and lovingly grown organic and wild plant ingredients. (Our line is 99% organic) Equally important to us...Read more here