Love Notes

Hiya! I just wanted to let you know that the new formulation of the serum is perfect. I’m super oily and acne prone with stupidly large pores. I can barely put anything on my face without my pores filling up with gunk by the end of the day. I can’t wear foundation or powder and I barely tolerate spf - only because I have to.

The serum has, and continues to be my sole moisturizer and I LOVE it. 

Thank you!!

- Angela H., Monarch Brow and Facial Studio Founder


The main consistent question I get at my office what is the secret to my glowing & youthful looking skin. While I am comfortable being in my skin and celebrate being 40. I deeply appreciate having a healthy, lustrous, dewy look which I get simply by applying Haima Skin Dew every morning. 

I am simply addicted to the Prana Mist. I cannot get enough of it. All of my family members, friends & clients had an experience of me spraying them with it. There are a lot to be addicted to. My personal experience is transformation through scent. I literally experience a shift of energy and my aura being cleansed. It gives me a chance to start the next moment as a new! 

- Marina R., Big Idea Lab Founder


I love the daily routine of the Jasmine spray, followed by the Immortal Serum + Oil. I love it so much that I cannot imagine going one day with it. Not only does my skin feel nourished, dewy, and healthy but I also haven’t had any skin acne in a long time, which used to be an recurring issue for me, even at 35. The best part though is that this daily ritual is a ritual of pure bliss. It smells so good and feels so right on my skin. I massage my wet face with the combination of serum and oil, I never wait for the mist to dry entirely and the wetness of the mist combined with the serum and oil feels perfect. My skin seems to absorb all the goodness much better. and really be nourished on a deep level, which I had never experienced before, with any other products. 


- Esther G., AQUA Studio NYC Founder


Oh!! Holy moly your probiotic deodorant is INSANE. It works. It is an amazing product and works longer than 24 hrs!  It works at the GYM, nothing works at the gym! It works through my whole workout, and it’s not a short one. I do 50 minutes of cardio PLUS toning after that…spin, rowing climbing - all in one session.  I can’t believe it but my clothes are not ruined and I’m smelling fresh.  I honestly look forward to putting it on every morning after my shower. How can I invest??!  —Seriously.

- Susan C., Susan Connor New York


"My experience with pAra skin care is a joy to share with anyone looking for eco friendly, skin loving, beauty products.  I have been using pAra Komala Cleanser, Immortal Oil and Serum for two years...

...These lovingly crafted skin tonics are wonderfully effective.  My skin looks years younger than my age. It's hydrated, healthy and glowing. And I get more compliments now than I ever did in my youth."

- Cherie M.


"Resting smile lines, GONE.

Okay, so I have dry skin and I used to smoke cigarettes (for a decade!), and when I was 36 I started noticing biiiiig resting smile lines, so I got dermal fillers done that last 9 months.  At around 37 years old, I found pAra and started using the Immortal Oil and the Immortal Serum, (at this point, my fillers had dissipated off).  Well, after a few months, I went back to my dermatologist to see if I should get more fillers, and the wrinkles were GONE. She said “Well, honestly, I don’t see anything. Strange”  She told me there was no work to do and to come back in 6 mths and they would check again and do a filler then.  I happily left, with no injections and returned 6 mths later to a different doctor, who also told me there were ZERO lines to fill. Immortal Oil + Serum used morning and night — Insane amazing!!  So literally 2 cosmetic derms (who make money on this) told me no need to fill smile lines. Crazy right?  Two docs couldn’t have both lied."

- Cindy B.


"I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR PROBIOTIC DEODORANT.  It WORKS.  I have been through everything:  Schmidt, Native, my own formula that I make myself and NOTHING WORKS.  Until now....  I will literally buy you out of this stuff if you tell me I can.  Honestly. I’m not kidding. I have been looking for this FOREVER. 

I should also say that Schmidt and Native both really irritated my skin -- which is super odd because I have skin of steel, never had any sensitivity before.  Also, I keep regular deodorant on hand for when I have workshops or client meetings.  I don’t even think I’m going to have to now.  WHICH IS AWESOME.  

So excited.  LOVE THIS STUFF."

- Kate W.


"Where to start... this afternoon as I was ready to take a nap when the post man delivered my package from you. You would have thought I was a kid at Christmas as I couldn’t even wait to get inside to rip open the box.. I laid everything out on the table just admiring the beautiful new bottles. I had to then open each one and smell them all of course. You are so kind for slipping in that mist, I can’t thank you enough! I still have some of the honey mask so I used the Deva scrub, love it then the mask, so healing and nourishing.

Then the Chanda Tonic Mist which I can’t get enough of the scent!!! Top it off with the Immortal Serum and the Haima balm... I am surrounded by all of these wonderful calming scents and my skin looks and feels wonderful. You make your products with love and care, it is very palpable... I am able to take my much needed nap with the soothing scents lingering! 

- Kamme F.



"I’m a huge fan of pAra, both of the quality of the products and ingredients, and the ethical intention behind them and the company. It means a lot to me that all of the ingredients are of the highest quality and that they’re crafted with love by Christy and her team.


I cannot live without the Probiotic Deodorant and the Haima Skin Dew. I’ve tried every single natural (and not so natural) deodorant on the market multiple times and after many years of searching, pAra’s is the ONLY one that works consistently without fail. In addition to being highly effective, it has a luxurious consistency and a wonderful scent.

Likewise with the Haima Skin Dew. It’s my go-to daily hydrator that makes me feel like I’m treating my skin in a nourishing and loving way.

I’m so grateful to have a skincare company like pAra that I trust. Thank you pAra, and keep on doing what you do."

- Lauralee K., Lauralee Kelly Healing



"Years ago, an esthetician friend taught me about the importance of natural skincare and since then, it’s been a bit of an obsession. That obsession has recently been focused on pAra which I’m hooked on! I’ve tried a lot of products from this line and wanted to highlight a few of my favorites.

Immortal Facial Oil – I have sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts so I can be a little hesitant to use oils, but fellow sensitive ladies, have no fear of the Immortal Facial Oil. It’s magic for your skin.

I like to put it on before I go to bed so it can work said magic while I’m sleeping and wake up with fresh, lively skin. I also occasionally put it on in the morning too for a refreshed and dewy look. This oil makes your skin glow and feel soft and youthful! The Soma Raw Honey Mask is another one sensitive ladies may be scared to try – don’t be! Your skin will thank you and look and feel like the ultimate skin goal – a baby’s behind!

The Prana Mist is an essential part of my bedtime routine. I spray it on my pillow and relax and unwind. It’s the perfect balance, isn’t overpowering, and smells like it just came out of the garden.

I’m obsessed with the Chanda Tonic Mist as well and I’m hoping pAra starts carrying this in a gallon option because I love it that much. The scent is alluring. I put it on as perfume before going out.

The list of products I’ve tried is long, and I have loved every single one, but would end up writing a novel about how fabulous all of them are. Treat yourself and your skin! You won’t be disappointed!"

Jenna T.


"I discovered your deodorant at The Cliff and really love it - I've literally been on a search most of my adult life for a natural product that works well. Thank you again!"

Rachel M.


"I'd been looking for a natural deodorant that works for years. I nearly had given up when pAra's deodorant found me. Not only does it work amazingly well, they've got the best, subtle scent I've ever worn. Even after a big bike ride or sweaty gym work out I'm free of unpleasant body odor....

I've turned a bunch of friends on to it and had to write in to share my love for my favorite deodorant!"

Ted W.