Beauty Medicine : Shamanic Reiki

REI: Spiritual

KI: Energy 


Shamanic Reiki is the fusion of both ancient Shamanic practices and Reiki. Shamanic Reiki practitioners move through trainings and initiations where they are attuned to the channel of this unseen energy. This attunement allows us to channel powerful energy from the divine source.  Practitioners act as a conduit for the intelligent universal life force energy into any and all beings. When Reiki is channeled, the practitioner is serving only as a conduit allowing the energy to pass through them to the recipient.  So, in the work of channeling energy into our potions, what is bottled is divinely sourced energy (not the energy of the practitioner).

Lynn Roberts describes it this way “ ..imagine that Reiki is a natural healing life force that should be a part of us all, but as modern life moves us away from nature, we are cut off from that energy.  Through the attunement process, the Reiki practitioner gains access to this energy. When the practitioner intends the energy to benefit someone else, the connection to this life force is once again awakened in the recipient.”

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spirituality and incorporates ancient healing traditions. It is rooted in nature and taps into the spirit of mother earth, offering us a renewed and strengthened connection to her.  We consider all nonhuman entities to be living family members. For example, the trees are not “things” which in English we refer to as “it or that”, rather, they are revered as spirits or people, and in relationship with us as family - our kin. We work alongside the spirits of flowers, herbs, animals, water, wind, sun, moon, feathers, sticks, plants, stones, and others to help transfer a greater expanse of healing energies than Reiki alone can.  In essence, Shamanic Reiki intertwines earth element spirits with divine energy and then transfers them to the recipient. The combination can clear energy, guide it and magnify it.  We also connect with the phases of the moon and planetary shifts to guide the timing of rituals and help us understand our emotional/physical states. Life is lived with great reverence for all living things asking us to walk gently and respectfully on the soil that gives us life and asking that we care deeply for all creatures and plant life.

During a Shamanic Reiki session, energy is guided to the recipient through the practitioner's hands. Within the first few minutes, the client will begin to experience the alpha state - in between sleep and awake, completely relaxed, yet focused and receptive. Often in a session, this energy can be felt by the client through tingling or heat. Practitioners witness twitching, involuntary body movement in the patient, and experience an intensity of heat in their own body and/or hands. 

In the creation of our skin and spirit medicines, we work with ancestral guides, ascended masters, archangels, animal spirits, smoke, stones, gems, weather patterns, intention, and other called in elements to infuse and guide divine source energy into our potions and to you. We like to think of the energy in combination with healing herbs as Beauty Energy or Beauty Medicine. While the infusion practice is simple, it requires striving to live by the principles of Shamanism and Reiki. As practitioners, we are especially aware of our own energetic hygiene and take great care in cleansing ourselves and aligning our connection to the light, so that our channel is as open as possible. Bottled energy is easily felt by those of us who are sensitive to it, but for those who are not, there may not be a sense of it.  It does not mean it isn't present with you. It most certainly is. 


Reiki Principles

Just for today, I will not worry. 
Just for today, I will not be angry. 
Just for today, I will be grateful.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly. 
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.