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with High Vibrational Flowers and Spices

kissed by the moon  |  botanical body essence

The LUMINOUS MOON Essence Oil is created during the New Moon and infused with the intention of guiding us deeply into ourselves and transforming us for the higher good. The scent is effervescent with a cool open bloom of lavender accompanied by warming earthy nutmeg and clove spices. This special blend is intended to be found by those who align with it's unique vibration. The proprietary essential oil blend is used as a tool to enhance the meditative or journey state during Full Moon Ceremonies, sadhana, or private meditation practices.

To Use:  Apply to temples and wrists before meditation, sadhana, journeying or before sleep. Massage as liberally as you like onto wrists, neck and behind knees if using as a light perfume.

*note that we formulate with essential oils which will not remain "stuck" to you the way man made (toxic) commercial fragrances will.  It also will not poison your precious body the way those fragrances do. -- You are loved.

Ingredients (*certified organic, ^wildcrafted):  *Argan oil, proprietary blend of organic essential oils.