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Naya Nostrum Microbatch

double extract of reishi + hoya essence

immune boosting  |  meditation guide

In taking Reishi daily over time, there comes a sage-like energy of dropped in awareness and connection to the depths of mama earth.  And, flower essence of Hoya is a guide to our inner sage. She stills the mind and opens the 3rd eye chakra aligning us with the divine. This connection to higher knowledge opens us to receptivity, unleashing the fulfillment of our true purpose. 
On a physical level, Reishi is super powered, boosting immunity against infectious viruses and bacteria, detoxifying the liver, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, inflammation, cancer, allergies, asthma and autoimmune conditions. 

(30 ml dropper bottle)

Adults - take 1 dropper full daily.

Ingredients / certified organic, wildcrafted: *Tito’s Vodka, distilled water, Reishi extract, Bee Local Willamette Valley raw honeyflower essence of Hoya. *We choose to support Titos especially for their incredible work in dog rescue and recovery.