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$ 82.00


with chia seed, hibiscus + immortelle 

for radiant, healed and hydrated skin

Created for normal to dry skins but because of it's lightweight nature is tolerated well by oily skins.

1 oz.    $82

This is a light facial oil, and will not leave a heavy or greasy feel to the skin. IMMORTAL Oil is infused with 25 healing plant extracts in addition to it's unique blend of oils.  It increases collagen production, hydrates and plumps the skin-which helps to decrease fine lines and wrinkles; evens and tones the skin; prevents, reduces and heals breakouts; and aids in healing sun damaged skin.
To Use: After cleansing and toning face and neck, combine 1 pump each of IMMORTAL Oil + IMMORTAL Serum, then smooth over face and neck. (May be used on the delicate skin area around the eyes.) Alternatively dispense 1 - 2 pumps of IMMORTAL Oil into a hand and add a few drops water, then massage into face and neck.  The IMMORTAL Oil will move deeper into the layers of your skin and offer more hydration if combined with our IMMORTAL Serum. Blot off any excess with a tissue if you have used more than needed. Everyone's hydration needs are different. If your skin is a bit oily after application, use a touch less on the next application. If you are dry after application, use a touch more upon the next application. You will find your perfect balance.  Follow with a balm to lock in hydration.
Key Ingredients
Coenzyme Q10:  helps generate younger looking skin by increasing our skin's ability to produce collagen and elastin, making skin look firmer and more elastic. The loss of collagen causes our skin to wrinkle and sag. CoQ10 is naturally produced in the human body's cells, and aids in producing energy, neutralizing free radicals, and keeps cells healthy. Aging and the experience of stress reduce our levels of Co Q10 and as a result our ability to regenerate cells declines. This process of lower than optimum levels begins in most people around the age of 30. 
Chia Seed Oil is considered to be the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids found in nature.  It stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin which help to keep our skin supple and youthful, without drooping. Omega 3's also help to keep the skin hydrated, pulling water from deeper layers of the skin to hydrate top layers, making wrinkles and fine lines less visible.  And, because of it's high content of zinc, it helps to diminish acne. And, since chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients, it protects the skin from free radical damage associated with pollutants and overexposure to UV rays.
Pomegranate Seed Oil:  prized for it's high quantity of antioxidants, this oil protects and heals the skin from environmental damage from free radicals in turn keeping the skin youthful and radiant. It penetrates deeply into the skin making it's hydration long lasting without leaving a sheen on the skin. And, it's anti-inflammatory properties are especially good for healing eczema and inflamed or sunburned skin.
Hibiscus Flowers:  is earth derived magic for youthful, smoother, radiant skin.  It is known as the 'botox" of plants increasing hydration and elasticity.  And because it's a natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids, which are known to help exfoliate the skin, it also increase the rate of cell turn over and help control breakouts. 
Immortelle promotes cell health, encourages the recycling of dead cells, and stimulates the production of new cells, makes the skin smooth, soft and helps it retain moisture.  It is cicatrisant, a property that helps cuts and scars heal quickly.  It is equally effective in clearing up spots left on your skin by pox, boils, and other skin irregularities. It also prevents dehydration and cracking of the skin. 
Horsetail: this antioxidant herb protects us from free radical damage.  It helps fade the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  It naturally contains silicon which in turn promotes collagen formation.  It's helps to shrink and tone pores, restore a youthful elasticity to skin, and it contains healing properties that help to soothe cuts, wounds and eczema.  
Green Tea:  It works superbly to prevent wrinkles and sagging skin as well as healing hormonal acne.  It's catechins are anti-bacterial against the bacteria that causes acne. And it contains some of the most powerful antioxidants known, warding off premature aging, healing damaged cells, and fighting free radicals. These antioxidants also inhibit the enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, which are essential supple youthful skin!
Amla Berry:  is chock full of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant property that helps prevent and repair oxidative skin damage. It helps to shrink pores and battle acne breakouts while conditioning, moisturizing and repairing the skin. Studies have shown that alma berry extract increases collagen production. 
Black cumin seed oil:  is full of fatty acids which are essential for moisture, and reducing the signs of aging. It's vitamin and mineral complex provides for skin repair and rejuvenation helps to fade dark spots and scars; it tames redness and inflammation; it's an antibacterial acne fighter; and it also provides lasting moisture which helps to reduce wrinkles.
Ingredients (*certified organic, ^wildcrafted):  *Apricot kernal oil, *sunflower oil, *sesame oil, *chia seed oil, *argan oil, *rosehip seed oil, *pomegranate seed oil, *evening primrose oil, *black cumin seed oil, *jojoba oil, *sea buckthorn berry extract, infusion of: *shavegrass, *immortelle, *nettle, *calendula,*amla berry, *white peony tea, *green tea, *gingko biloba, *gotu kola,  *lavender, *hibiscus, *echinacea, *plantain leaf, *comfrey leaf, *lemon balm, and *vitamin e, CoQ10, essential oils of sandalwood (sustainably sourced), rose, *immortelle.