PROBIOTIC DEODORANT (Soon to be Cara Probiotic Deodorant)
$ 22.00

PROBIOTIC DEODORANT (Soon to be Cara Probiotic Deodorant)

lymph loving   |  microflora odor regulation

2 oz.  $22  

Two Scents:  

Grapefruit + Geranium    or     Frankincense + Grapefruit    

 or    Baking Soda Free - Grapefruit + Geranium 

Conventional deodorants contain harmful ingredients and impede our body's natural ability to flush contaminant's from our systems.  The glands in our underarms are continuously flushing infections, reactions to drugs, and cancerous cells.

PROBIOTIC DEODORANT frees up the glands allowing the body to release those toxins while keeping unwanted aromas at bay. Eight strains of probiotic microflora along with raw coconut oil, baking soda and zinc eliminate odor causing bacteria in this powerful formula. Zinc and lavender soothe the underarms while grapefruit kickstarts slugglish lymphatic systems, geranium promotes hormone balance, and baking soda and arrowroot powder absorb sweat.

In our trials, we have found that this is a long lasting deodorant, often working for 24 + hours, gym workouts are no challenge for it, and the 2 oz. tub lasts roughly 3-4 months. 

Key Ingredients

Probiotic Microflora is naturally occurring good bacteria that already exists within our body's microbiome. The strains in this formula help to reduce the overproduction of odor causing bad bacteria in our underarms in the same way that taking an internal probiotic helps to balance intestinal flora.  We tested our combination of 8 strains on 25 different people and found that odor was eliminated across the board and continued to work for a full day without reapplication.

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil is antibacterial, antifungal and in Ayurveda it is regarded as a cooling oil, helping to reduce heat in the underarms.

Baking Soda (aluminum free) absorbs sweat and reduces odor causing bacteria.

Grapefruit Essential Oil is a natural bacteria fighter and also helps to kickstart a sluggish lymphatic system. It's scent aids in stress relief promoting an uplifted mood.

Geranium Essential Oil is widely known for promoting radiant skin, reducing skin inflammations as well as calming anxiety and balancing hormone production. 


To Use: Scoop out a half a dime size amount and work between fingers then apply to each underarm - (a small amount is all that is needed). Test patch post shave in the event of sensitivity to baking soda. Store in a cool location to maintain consistency.

• Refrigerate or move to a cool area during summer months or at temps above 77˚F to help preserve probiotic flora.

• During warm weather, the formula will become soft and almost soup like, put in the fridge for 10 - 20 minutes to harden. 

• Please be aware that this is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant, you may still experience some sweat, and this is a good thing!

 *wood spoon and half grapefruit not included;)


Grapefruit + Geranium

Ingredients (*organic): *Arrowroot powder, baking soda (aluminum-free), *raw coconut oil, *shea butter, zinc (non-nano), microflora (8 strains), essential oils of *grapefruit, *geranium, and *lavender.

Frankincense + Grapefruit

Ingredients (*organic): *Arrowroot powder, baking soda (aluminum-free), *raw coconut oil, *shea butter, zinc (non-nano), microflora (8 strains), essential oils of *grapefruit, *frankincense, and *vetiver.

BAKING SODA FREE Grapefruit + Geranium

Ingredients (*organic): *Arrowroot powder, *raw coconut oil, *shea butter, zinc (non-nano), microflora (8 strains), essential oils of *grapefruit, *geranium, *lavender, *cistus.