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$ 49.00

TRIAL SET | DAILY RITUAL | Normal to Dry Skins

The Daily Ritual  |  Dry to Normal  |  Trial Set Includes:


Our trials are deluxe sized samples that will allow you 1 - 2 weeks of use when used twice per day allowing you feel the difference in your skin over the week. 

 Using the Daily Ritual Set:

1. Remove any heavy makeup. (You may use a small amount of HAIMA Skin Dew to remove facial and eye makeup, it will melt it ALL off.  For the eyes, lightly rub a dab over the eyelid, then wet a piece of soft tissue with water, and your makeup will wipe right off.  The same process can be done for the face, but a wet washcloth can be used instead of tissue). 

2. Massage a dime size amount of KOMALA Cleanser into the skin for 20 seconds or longer, then rinse off.

3. Mist your face and neck with a few pumps of the Jasmine Sandalwood Tonic Mist.

4. Combine 2-3 drops each of the IMMORTAL Oil and IMMORTAL Serum in your palm. Massage over the face and neck until absorbed.

5. Lock in nutrients and hydration with a 1/8 size pea of the HAIMA Skin Dew.  Melt the small drop into your palms, then gently press is into the skin.  Muah, you are loved.

 *when using oils on the skin, always apply to wet or moist skin to allow for absorption deeply into the epidermal layers.

Glass Packaging

We have purposefully chosen to package in glass as much as possible. All vials and jars are glass. Please reuse the jars for seeds, beads, herbs, condiments, or recycle them!