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Greetings Dears,

This is the first post I've done in quite some time. I have had some pretty severe posting paralysis. My apologies. I had to visit my business coach, to be shaken out of it...! (If you are also in need of a lil shaky shake from a really good intuitive coach, here is her contact: Marina.)  
I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such wonderful clients. We feel so blessed to have such a loving group of people to serve.  You make our work even more magical, and offer up the spirit of oneness in ways that I had not imagined. Much much love to you.

Sooo...I've been talking about Fall/Winter nourishment to many of you at our events and feel the need to extend a tidbit of it to those of you who haven't been able to make it to them.

•  Ayurvedic tips for Fall/Winter  •

In Ayurveda, the Fall season holds the qualities of Vata Dosha. Cool, dry, light, erratic in nature, the Vata in us often needs tending to during Fall when it is amplified by the weather. Believe it or not, the wisping winds outside your window actually can effect the degree to which you feel the same internally. Inside of us, it might become racing thoughts or an overly active gassy belly.  We are inextricably connected to Mother Earth's ever shifting seasons and weather patterns. So, essentially, we want to strike a balance in counteracting the elements by nourishing ourselves with opposite qualities we are experiencing. During cool and dry weather favor warm and moist foods such as root vegetable soups and stews, sunbathe when possible, partake in a steam sauna if you are chilled, or take a warm bath with grounding essential oils like sandalwood, frankincense, and vetiver.  Try to avoid stimulants like black tea and coffee which can increase the Vata tendency to feel panicky (big time). Opt for calming, adrenal balancing herbal teas such as ginger, holy basil, lemon balm, licorice and nettle or if you want something dark and nutty, try making a brew of immune boosting chaga mushroom powder.  If you are having smoothies or juices, add warming ginger and turmeric to them, and try not to drink them frozen, or freezing cold.  (And, you guessed it, come summer, we will do the opposite.)  Remember too, that we are not only prone to the dry and cold weather, but also to drying indoor heat cranking.  And, cold weather also has a diuretic effect, causing us to urinate more often, increasing the need for extra internal hydration. Keep your refillable water bottle or tea canister with you at all times. *Sipping your herbal tea or water warm is more hydrating than sipping cold.  

•  Beyond the Physical  •

The full scope of beauty has many layers to address beyond the physical.  And for that we need to carve out time in which to allow stillness of mind and body through which an excavation of internal space will allow us to access and hear our own guidance and inner wisdom.  This is essential for radiant health (internally and externally).  It is in quiet stillness that we truly evolve, heal and grow...and within that internal spaciousness we return to ourselves.  The beauty in this act is astounding as it opens us to a profound love and acceptance of ourselves.  There is an noticeable outer radiance that comes with this internal shift.
Consider adopting your own daily ritual of quiet time if you don't have one.  If this feels daunting and esoteric, my simple routine may help as an example. I steal time first thing in the morning (the earlier the better --before the world wakes)... I stumble out of bed, start my tea kettle, then splash water over my face and eyes, I choose to care for my skin at this time since I will be sitting -- massage face with KOMALA Cleanser and apply SOMA Mask, light up a beeswax candle, smudge myself and my space with palo santo, grab my tea and then sit for 10 - 30 minutes with a guided meditation, recorded music or mantra, or simply in silence.  (feel free to use some or none of my routine, waking up and going straight to sit may work best for you).  Laurie Goldstein has an online immersion called Root & Bloom specifically created for this -- I cannot recommend it highly enough, I listen to her every morning. It is because of her that I have a practice!

•   Dry Skin Remedy  •


One of the most loving things we can do for our skin is to treat it to an pure organic raw honey mask or better yet an amped up version -- the SOMA Mask which includes a potent extraction of skin renewing, Royal Jelly & Propolis, and also Shea Butter & Argan Oil for their regenerative qualities and hydration.  The SOMA Raw Honey Mask was formulated to use especially during this time of year or anytime you are feeling the need to increase hydration, repair and plumpness to your skin. It can also be used for all skin types to reduce inflammation, heal scaring, cuts, picked skin, eczema, rosacea and acne. SOMA is meant to be blended with our line to suit your needs. For dry Fall/Winter skin, blend SOMA with Jasmine Sandalwood Mist, IMMORTAL Serum, and IMMORTAL Oil to increase moisture to the degree to which your specific skin needs it.  If used alone, the SOMA needs only to be mixed with just enough water to make it into a thick soup. Below is a guide to mixing this magical mask for hydrated, plump, glowing skin--this is the recipe I use before sitting for meditation. *Increase IMMORTALS for more hydration, decrease for less hydration. Add a 1/2 pea sized drop of balm if you are crazy dry.  Post mask, do not allow the skin to completely dry before applying your hydrators, i.e.: Mist, Oil, Serum, Balm.  Keeping the skin damp before application of hydrators helps move the nutrients and hydration more deeply into the skin.

* Note that we have formulated the SOMA without water (aloe, hydrosols, teas etc) to prevent the use of heavy preservatives and also to prevent contamination to the jar from hands dipping into it.  Your jar will also last longer in this concentrated form. 

Many Blessings,







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