D A I L Y  R I T U A L   -   A L L   S K I N  T Y P E S   

M o r n i n g   &   E v e n i n g 

Step 1: KOMALA Cleanser: massage 3 - 4 pumps over skin for 30 seconds, then rinse well.
Step 2: Jasmine Sandalwood Tonic Mist: Mist 4 - 5 pumps over face and neck.
Step 3: Normal to dry skins use IMMORTAL OIl + IMMORTAL Serum. Normal to Oily Skins use TULA Oil + IMMORTAL Serum. Combine 1 pump of each in the palm of your hand, mix into an emulsion, then spread evenly over face, neck and decolletage. May be used to combat fine lines around the eye area.
Step 4: CHAYA Beauty Balm (lighter hydration) or HAIMA Skin Dew (intense hydration): Scoop out 1/2 of a pea size drop, work between fingers then, press into face and neck gently. May be used to combat fine lines around the eye area.

W E E K L Y  T R E A T M E N T    -    A L L  S K I N  T Y P E S    

1 - 3  x  p e r  w e e k


• M A S K I N G •

BASPA Facial Steam: Boil 4-5 cups of water, then add to a large mixing bowl along with 2-3 tbps of BASPA. Position your face over the bowl, then tent a towel over head. Breathe deeply for 5-7 minutes. Follow with a cool spalsh of water.

SOMA + NENEKTI: While face is still damp from steam, apply either mask or mix them together. Our masks are customizable to the skin’s changing needs. Feel free to play with different ingredients from your kitchen!

Suggested Mask Mixtures
Normal to Oily Skin
Deep Cleanse using the NENEKTI Mask mixed with water or hydrosol of choice. (Honey and 1 pump TULA may be added to keep the mask from becoming tight if desired.)
Dry, Maturing Skin, and Skins Prone to Sensitivies such as Eczema and Rosacea
SOMA mask mixed with a little water. For added hydration and nutrient delivery, add 1 pump Immortal Oil and Serum, and coconut milk, mix together and apply. (may be used overnight)
Normal to Dry Skin
Combine approx 1 tsp NENEKTI + 1/2 tsp SOMA  then add drop by drop of coconut milk (or other vegan milk) to gain desired thickness. Add 1 pump IMMORTAL OIL + SERUM for added hydration. You want a puddling like consistency. Apply to face and neck and rinse when nearly dry.

• E X F O L I A T I O N •

Hibiscus Amla ExfoliatorUse a dime size drop and add a few drops of water to the hands, work the exfoliator between the hands, then massage evenly over the face. Leave on for a few minutes to aid in brightening and evening tone. Then rinse away and follow with Tonic Mist, Oil, Serum, and Balm. *those with sensitive skin should patch test before using.